Rainy Lake  with Grammy

Rainy Lake with Grammy

Took the girls up to Rainy Lake at Rainy Pass on Highway 20 in the North Cascades. We stopped by and "stole" grammy for this ADA hike and she is in a wheelchair. Perfect!

This hike leaves from the same parking lot as Maple Pass Loop and it is the spot where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the highway. Rainy Lake is completely paved except for two well built wooden bridges. 

The girls were so excited to run up the path to the next bench, waiting for me pushing grammy along behind. We passed a number of friendly hikers, but less after we passed the cut off to Maple Pass Loop. 

Grammy was pointed out all of the plants that she was familiar with, telling the girls all she knew about each species. The girls would stop at various interpretive signs and read them to her.

When we reached the lake, we lounged for a while, staring at the bueatiful cirque and waterfall way across this larger alpine lake. There was a couple of benches and a large cement platform there.

The girls twisted my arm and I let them go below and splash in the water! And soon we ate a small snack before heading back to the car. What a great time and a perfect hike.


Harold Engles' Huge Tree

Harold Engles' Huge Tree

With Kids, You Don't Always Have to Finish a Hike

With Kids, You Don't Always Have to Finish a Hike