Mount Pilchuck Snow Drive!

Mount Pilchuck Snow Drive!

After my oldest daughters basketball practice, I took the girls up the Mountain Loop Highway to find snow! I had actually told Friends For Public Use, that I would check out the Mt. Pilchuck Road, looking for integrity issues or possible trees down.

I had a bet with my oldest that we would not see any snow... Knowing that there would be snow at the roads end. She would keep saying on the way up, "I know we are going to see snow!" Then I would say something like,"Nope. There will not be any snow."

Because I was scouting out the road, I zeroed out my trip odometer. At about 3.5, we stopped at a waterfall to check it out. I had never before stopped here, and after my daughters asked me too, I thought why not? 

There was a beaten path trail that was very slippery. The girls were way too cold and therefore could not enjoy the falls. I got a good video of it, and pictures of them shivering.

Onward to find snow. At about five miles we started to see traces of snow. The girls were so excited and my oldest said, "Told you so."

We stopped at the end of the road, which is also the trailhead to the lookout on top of Mount Pilchuck. There was about 8-12 inches of snow there and we played for twenty minutes or so until they were too cold.

We then stopped at Green Gables to say hello to Edith and Randy. We ate lunch and bought some christmas gifts there. We always stop in to say hi when we head out the Mountain Loop Highway.

If you find yourself on the backroads of the Darrington Ranger District and would like to help out the Friends For Public Use they would appreciate any type of help you can provide. This past week they have simply been wanting feedback from people who can drive the roads and know what to look for. Is this you? Connect with them!!

Old Sauk Loop is Great Year Round!

Old Sauk Loop is Great Year Round!

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