Harold Engles' Huge Tree

Harold Engles' Huge Tree

With the weather calling for rain, we headed on a drive up the Mountain Loop Highway to some short hikes. One of our stops was the Harold Engles Memorial Grove Trail. It is a very short hike that starts right on the road. 

We went up Road 49 off of the Loop (North Fork Sauk Road) and passed by the Sauk Falls Trail, which is also a short hike on this road. I wanted to check out this new to us trail.

There was a large sign on the right side of the road just passed the Lost Creek Ridge trailhead. The area to park was very small and offered a tight spot to turn around. The trail was very obvious, starting at the left of the sign.

The girls ran up the flat, somewhat overgrown trail with a giddiness that they have on an unknown trail. There was a tight spot on the trail that had a grouping of large alder trees somewhat blocking the way. The girls hoed that I would not fit! I did have to walk through them sideways, but the rest of they way was clear.

I honestly couldn't believe the size of the large tree as we approached! The girls tried to hug it, but it is sooo big that they were dwarfed by it. It has survived for many years and will be here for all to see for many more.

There is a trail that runs up and down the North Fork Sauk River from here, though I was not sure of its name or destination. We were here for the tree and we definitely got it. The return trip was just as fast and we continued to another stop on this rainy day.


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Black Chief Mine

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