040 Pacific Northwest Trail with Jeff Kish

Jeff Kish is back to tell us all about the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT). We talk trail towns along the route, the starting and ending points and everything in-between.

We talk about the history of the PNT from its creator Ron Strickland to the current state of this National Scenic Trail.

To research for your hike or to join the PNT go to: http://www.pnt.org

039 Jeff Kish

Jeff Kish has hiked both the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) and now works for the PNT. After hiking the PCT he became an immediate advocate, trying to help other hikers and future hikers alike. As son as he finished his thru hike of the PNT, he did the exact same thing! 

This passion took him all the way to now working for the PNT and helping the trail itself. His talk about the Washington section of the trail has inspired me to start section hiking the trail. 

036 Backpacker's Bistro

Melissa Lynn Lieser tells us all about her company, Backpacker's Bistro, which makes delicious sounding trail meals. She explains the process of making them and most importantly how much healthier they are than other brands on the market. 

2008 winner of the French Culinary Institute's Top Chef award, Melissa combined her passions for backpacking and food when she founded Backpacker's Bistro in 2016 with a simple philosophy: we believe that the most satisfying and healthy meals begin with whole, real foods. We believe in finding quality products from sustainable sources, locally if possible.

035 Must Hike Must Eat II

Round two with Shannon Cunningham proves to be quite the update. She has greatly expanded her trail meals website (http://www.musthikemusteat.com). Her recipes are amazing. I can say with confidence because I was able to try a couple this past summer.

She has also taken on a huge role with the PCTA through northern Washington's North 350 Blades! She adopted a section of the Pacific Crest Trail just north of Stevens Pass and is going to lead her first trip this summer in the Glacier Peak area.

025 Backcountry Fishing with Kris Harken

Kris Harken has an absolute passion for fishing in high alpine lakes. He explains all aspects of fishing while hiking. Poles, bait, rigs, floats, styles, times, and most importantly how to read a lake. We talk about how lakes are stocked and how to find that information out.

Here are some links that we talked about in the show:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:  http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/washington/highlakes/

Hi-Lakers website:    http://www.hilakers.org

YouTube black bear playing in pond video:     https://youtu.be/O7oiBhhG7x8